Friday, September 28, 2012

Feature at West Word

On Sunday I had the good fortune of being the feature poet at West Word poetry in Footscray at the Dancing Dog Cafe.  The event had a real intimate feel. I read from my Diary of a Schizophrenic, and from a Schizophrenic on Artaud. It was also the first time I had the opportunity to read an extended set of my poetry to an audience.  This felt really great. I was able to for the first time see many of the tropes and obsessions I have in my poetry.  I could see that I love words like 'silence', 'dreams', 'places', 'clouds', 'rain' and a whole host of other notions and concepts that concern me deeply.  I could see how my form of oneiric poetry really has a strength of its own.  I love to capture the dream-like in my poetry, and bend associations, and fragment things, just like in a dream.

My next feature spot will be at the Dan O'Connell hotel on the 10th of November at 2pm. Hope to see you there!

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Initially NO said...

Really enjoyed your reading at West Word. I am amazed at your ability to create pictures with words. Look forward to your reading at the Dan O'Connell Hotel 2pm this Sat.