Friday, September 7, 2012


Though I would simply post a poem for this blog. Its called 'Silence will have its way'.  Enjoy!

Silence will have its way

     [singing in the trees before first light]
I know
                    that what this ritual
will give     to the remains of the day
          can still the hunter in his tracks

             what is now the silence     between heartbeats
was once the dew on  the ground during a twilight interlude
                         of dancing Naiads and their dreaming

life lived in the moment     between rings of a tower bell
   can placate the wind during its solemn journey
                   (it now picks up pieces of broken glass
and scatters them to where the light of tomorrow will not go)

                     what is left of this adventure
                               is written
        in the hearing     of an ancient rainbow’s restful sleep
                   as it lets the sea breathe a new breath

                          (I truly believe I have felt
              in the lashing of a wave on the rocks
                                the rain of all there is)

and when the stars have given up their claim on the dawn’s memories
                 the hope       that cradles our longing
                             will gather itself
                 as it has never done before

                             and what the clouds will never know
            is that the footsteps of yesterday’s travels
                   will only be enough
      to string       the bow of the last violin
that has ever grasped the air of our furthest wandering

                       [before then
                  silence will have its way]

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