Friday, June 14, 2013

The 'New' Modernity

There has been much discussion as to the creative direction the new millenia will take. We saw 'modernity' in the 20th century, and towards the later part, 'post-modernity'. But, now, as is warranted, there must come a break from the past, and a leap into the present. We have had the harmonic, the atonal, the structured, and the fragmented.  We have even had a combination of these invectives (namely through the melding of harmony and atonality of the Estonian composed Arvo Part). But what now?

In the mental health wing of Royal Melbourne, where I was recently incarcerated, I heard a word uttered that was even more onerous that the words - "your ECT is due". A writer and academic had been admited, and she said to me that the newly accepted paradigm is called 'meta-modernism'! The sound I made at this remark is the same as that I let escape my lips when no one turned up to the launch of my new book! I was horrified! Have we, as a species, so lost our imaginations in this technological age, as to be so simple as to continue with the same fussing about with old and expired vocabularies (I even write this as a former philosopher who adored the word 'meta' in all it's uses).

Here is my neologism - 'modemity'. It speaks for itself. It is the same as the word modernity, but different. I once coined the neologism 'heterogeneous homogeneity' to account for just this synthesis of past and present.  More words on this anon (as the great man once coined).

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