Friday, April 27, 2012

A Schizophrenic on Artaud, Television and Radio

My new book, A Schizophrenic on Artaud is doing quite  well.  I have had a television appearance reading from the book on a show called Red Lobster on channel 31.  I read from the start of the book, just to give the audience a feel for the tenor of the work.  You can watch it here at the Red Lobster website.

I have also been on radio promoting the book on a show called Brainwaves on 3CR.  I was interviewed with poet Stu Hatton on the 11th of April, and did some co-hosting of the show on the 18th of April.  You can listen to these shows here.

Thanks for all the support from these shows.  You can buy the book on Amazon here.  Hope you enjoy it!

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