Friday, November 25, 2011

A Schizophrenic on Artaud

My new book has been released! It is a poetic exploration of the life and work of the French writer Antonin Artaud. Artaud suffered from schizophrenia, but was still able to produce a number of seminal books, including The Theatre and its Double. His work is now considered to have entered the cannon of French letters. His life was one of the highest degrees of suffering. His condition led him to situations that are almost unknown today. My book, A Schizophrenic on Artaud, is written by a fellow sufferer who wanted to bring a self reflexive insight to create a work that would be in the spirit of Artaud's writing. My publisher, Chipmunkapublishing, has released the book initially as an ebook, with the paperback to follow. My ebook is available here for purchase!

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