Thursday, April 7, 2011

Diary of a Schizophrenic (B)

I had a chance recently to look over my book, Diary of a Schizophrenic, and reflect a little on its content. Now that the dust has settled since the launch of the book at the Melbourne Writers Festival, I am really proud of what the book has achieved. It was my hope that the book would raise awareness of schizophrenia, and to help people to see that the condition does not have to be one of overwhelming despair. Things can be accomplished despite the condition, and a life can be led that is full. The book touches on some fairly personal material, but in a way that, I feel, gives a positive spin on what would otherwise be a very difficult time. Its concern with art, literature and philosophy helps to ground the work, and give it (I believe) some real literary merit. It was a leap of faith to send the manuscript to the publisher, as I was at the time still doing my PhD (which I have now completed). I feel this leap has been worth the while.

The book is now being sold (amongst many other places) through the Angus and Robertson website, which is a real thrill for me, for I would go this chain of bookstores when I was young, and dream of being a writer. I wish for the work that it will give some hope, but also be just an interesting and indeed enjoyable read.

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Timothy Morton said...

Thanks so much for this very valuable project and for the incredibly good interview on ABC. I am a philosopher and my brother has schizophrenia. I just posted on your interview.