Sunday, October 10, 2010

Victorian Premiers Literary Awards Dinner

Last week my wife and I attended the Victorian Premiers Literary Awards Dinner. My wife was convening judge for the Young Adult Fiction Prize. This is the second year we have attended, and a very enjoyable evening was had. The food was exquisite, the company very personable, and the presentations themselves were a real hoot. Each short list was performed as a musical comedy piece, which entertained the crowd no end. The speeches themselves by the winning authors were on the whole short, amusing, moving and at times inspiring. To see awards going to unpublished manuscripts, and seeing the look of utmost excitement on the winning authors face was quite a treat, and well worth being in attendance.

There were some real poignant, clever and biting speeches which gave a real insight into the minds of the winning authors. Awards such as these real change lives. One sentiment stuck in my mind. It went something like, 'its not the money or the fame which are important for awards such as these, but the opportunity to write one more book'.

Congratulations to all the winners, and looking forward to reading about those next books.

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