Saturday, March 6, 2010

Launch of Sketch

On Thursday I attended the launch of issue two of Sketch, a journal in which I have two poems. Sketch is a publication featuring poetry, digital design, photography, fiction, and is a very attractive publication. The launch was held at Chaise Lounge, a bar in Melbourne's CBD. The night was welcomed in by a cool band, with an excellent vocalist. The bar had a cocktail specifically designed for the launch, which I thought was a touch of class.

It was my honour to read first. It was quite a large gathering, so I held back my nerves. My readings went well, and the others that were to follow gave me gave me a great sense of the quality of the contributors. Issue two of Sketch had submissions from as far afield as Europe and America, which I thought was impressive for a second edition.

The link here will take you to Sketch's website, where if you are interested, copies may be ordered.

A good night was had by all. The band rounded out the night. I took great advantage of the special price for the house red, and stumbled home to my goodly wife.

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